Reach New Horizons With Our Worldwide Fulfillment Center Network

360zebra’s fulfillment centers solve the problem of expanding inventory during overseas growth. As your business begins to navigate the waters of international e-Commerce, the demands of on-hand stock can weigh you down, slowing your progress. Our fulfillment centers add a worldwide network of state-of-the-art harbors from which you can store and ship your products.

Whether you are expanding a pre-existing niche, or breaking into new international markets, the reliable, expedited and affordable logistics solutions of 360zebra ensure that connecting with customers is always smooth sailing.


How eFulfill works


The 5 Steps to Success

Sophisticated designs often appear simple in practice, and you can expect the same from 360zebra eFulfill. With locations in California, Shanghai, Berlin and many more on the way, we are able to ship your products internationally with a minimum of fees and cost to you.

We offer a straightforward, five-step process to connect your business with customers all around the world.

1. Registration: Sign up with 360zebra through our online registration. The details of our services are laid out clearly and concisely, as black and white as a 360zebra’s stripes.

2. Inventory Storage: Send as much of your inventory to us as you like. We can store all your products safely and securely in our top-of-the-line logistics facilities. Our online inventory management system allows you to track in real time exactly how many items remain in storage, set alerts when stock begins to run low, apply our numerous value-added services and much more.

3. Submit Orders: You can submit spreadsheets and other documents detailing your orders through your online account. You’ll be able to customize your orders as much as you like, such as select carriers and standard or expedited shipping. We will even save your preferences to speed up future order submissions. It’s simple, secure and fast.

4. Pick, Pack and Ship: Using your order submissions, 360zebra’s integrated fulfillment centers will identify each item by its assigned SKU, pack them securely to ensure their safe delivery, then ship them to locations throughout the world.

Thanks to our comprehensive and cooperative international logistics infrastructure, we can ship your packages in bulk, allowing for the maximum reduction in cost without sacrificing any of the quality.

5.Grow With Us: You want to provide every possible advantage to your business. With 360zebra’s international network of carriers and fulfillment centers, user friendly account and inventory management systems, and our customizable, scalable logistics solutions, you can concentrate on selling products, not shipping them.

Accessing the Chinese Market

The booming Chinese economy presents huge opportunities for your business. Many merchants struggle to gain a foothold in China, though, despite the amount of profits to be made. Shipping within the country may mean your packages are passed through many different hands as they travel through various regions before reaching their destinations. The more parties involved in logistics, the greater the chance for complications. It would be so much easier and efficient if there was just one company you could rely on for shipping.

360zebra operates from a vantage point other international logistics companies wish they could reach. Founded in China, we have never lost our connections throughout the country. With no language barrier, no inter-business hassles and an intimate knowledge of the customs and trade, our fulfillment center in Shanghai is your gateway to the colossal market ready to make a transaction, or two million.

Our International Circle of Fulfillment Centers

The world is a big place when you are working alone. With 360zebra, you don’t have to worry. We specialize in efficient, optimized shipping all around the globe. Our network of fulfillment locations cover everywhere you want your business to travel. Break away from the pack with 360zebra.

Logistics Center

360zebra has 12 logistics centers in different countries and regions. Currently, Shanghai and Los Angeles logistics centers are open for eFulfill services. Choose the logistics center that suits you, ship your commodities in-bulk, and 360zebra will take care of the rest.